Winjay moviejaySX Automation 2.2.5
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 Winjay moviejaySX Automation 2.2.5

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TémanyitásTárgy: Winjay moviejaySX Automation 2.2.5   11/13/2016, 11:07 am

Winjay moviejaySX Automation 2.2.5 | 119.62 MB

moviejaySX automation Schedule and play any format video clips up to 4K, add overlay graphics, integrate external feeds, stream your contents out to the world in a few mouse click with an incredible ease of use never seen before!

moviejaySX brings the broadcast-grade TV playout within the budget of small local channels, web TV, education centers, as well as cost effective solution to multi-channel satellite uplink providers. True multiformat SD/HD playout, integrated playlist scheduler, multilayer CG, h264 & h265 streaming/IP output. CG Editor and µMAM (micro MAM) features, to always get broadcast-grade results without any compromise.

Multiformat playout engine
The multiformat playout engine allows to queue into the same playlist clips with different encoding such as H.264, HEVC.265, AVI, MPEG-2, DVCPRO, MXF, QuickTime, MP4, and a bunch of other industry standard formats, saving time compared to long format conversion procedures.

Exact scheduling
The integrated playlist manager is engineered to compile, save and run your daily schedule at the desired time, automatically, with just a few clicks! Advanced features like forced events, logo switching, loading of CG projects and many others complete the already powerful scheduler.

Ready Set Go
- Enjoy the uniquely stylish and user-friendly moviejaySX users interface.
- Speed up your learning curve, and reduce the chance of any operating mistakes.

Integrated CG (Character Generator)
From a simple station watermark to complex projects with multiple graphics items, the integrated CG engine offers multilayer overlay of it all, saving money on purchase of a dedicated unit. With the newly released CG Editor you can now place and move objects on the screen with just a drag and drop: Text, pictures, crawling and rolling tickers, Flash animations, subtitles, RSS feeds, realtime XML tables, and many more !

External feeds
MoviejaySX allows seamless scheduling and integration of external feeds like satellite receivers or any other external feeds, with remote triggering. You can even play incoming streaming feeds into your playlist just like a local clip.

Off-the air cueing and trimming
The powerful off-the-air preview window provides non-destructive editing of your media (start, end, etc.) so you will always get perfect transitions with no extra effort. A load/save feature allows to easily store the presets for later reuse or further editing.

Music Pack option
MoviejaySX can be quickly upgraded to run a zero-manteinance music channel. A dedicated plug-in adds folder-based clips random selection and style rotation & on-the-fly graphic overlay of clip title + artist based on animated Flash banners. The advanced shuffle feature guarantees that all clips inside a folder will be played before selecting them again.

Integrated streaming
Hardware accellerated H264 & HEVC/H265 encoding and the virtual device output get your streaming service running to the world in just a few mouse clicks!

µMAM (micro MAM)
Organize your media with the optional µMAM plug-in. A dedicated SQLite database files and indexes media and related metadata to ease later search and retrieval.

What's New in Version 2.2.5:
- Dragging the position slider inside the preview window now updates the clip playing position in realtime before while still dragging (releasing the slider), thus offering a realtime preview.
- The CG Editor now supports playing of media files (video clips) as CG items to overlay.
- New refresh feature available from the on-air right-click menu allows to retrieve actual duration for those playlist items that have been overwritten with a new version (such as newscasts) after the playlist has been already loaded in the queue, and consequently recalculates items start times for the whole playlist.
- When the playlist layout is set to text mode, the row corresponding to the current clip on the air is now highlighted with a red background.
- On the CG Editor window, when adding/replacing a CG project the file open dialog now stores and recalls the latest used folder.
- Added QuickSync H.264, MPEG-2 and VC-1 hardware-powered decoding support. - Any command added as 1st item in the playlist was skipped and ignored. Fixed.
- Updated FFmpeg codecs to version N-81118-gfb91850 (July 2016).
- Several other minor fixes, improvements and optimization in the playout engine.


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