Hetman Office Word Excel Recovery 2.0 Multilingual
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 Hetman Office Word Excel Recovery 2.0 Multilingual

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Hetman Office Word Excel Recovery 2.0 Multilingual

Microsoft Office or OpenOffice Recovery Software. Lost one or more office documents after an accident? Formatted or repartitioned the disk containing important files? Hetman Office Recovery will help you get your documents back! Don’t know how to recover the documents? A step by step wizard will guide you through the entire recovery process!

Hetman Office Recovery is designed to help when your office documents go missing. Implementing a range of highly sophisticated low-level disk analysis algorithms, Hetman Office Recovery can retrieve the missing documents even if the disk is corrupted, inaccessible, or does not appear as a drive letter. A special extra-safe recovery more is available for heavily worn and physically unstable devices.

Using Hetman Office Recovery is just as easy as installing it. A step by step wizard guides you through the entire recovery process, helping you choose the right options to achieve maximum recovery rates. From simple undelete to heavy duty recovery, Hetman Office Recovery solves all your data recovery needs when it comes to office documents.

Key Features in Hetman Office / Word / Excel Recovery 2:

Heavy Duty Recovery Engine
Hetman Office Recovery features a true heavy-duty data recovery engine. The very same engine is used in Hetman’s top of the line partition recovery tool used by system administrators, service centers and data recovery specialists. Thanks to this powerful engine, Hetman Office Recovery can easily recover documents other tools won’t.

Choosing the Right Software
Depending on what types of files you are about to recover and based on your budget, you have a choice of several products. The all-in-one solution for all types of office documents including those produced by Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and Adobe PDF would be Hetman Office Recovery.

Recovers Documents and Spreadsheets
Hetman Office Recovery is designed to recover documents saved by Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, as well as OpenOffice. The following types of files are supported:

• DOC - Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc);
• DOCX - Microsoft Word Document (*.docx);
• DOT - Document Template (*.dot);
• XLS - Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Spreadsheet (*.xls);
• XLSX – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (*.xlsx);

In addition to Microsoft Word and Excel documents, Hetman Office Recovery natively supports the OpenDocumet Format. This document format is employed by Open Office, Libre and Star Office applications. The following file types are supported:

• ODT - OpenDocument Text Document (*.odt);
• ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods);

Finally, Hetman Office Recovery supports the following file formats:
• PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf);
• PDB - Document File (*.pdb);
• RTF - Rich Text Format File (*.rtf);
• WPD - WordPerfect Document (*.wpd);
• WRI - Windows Write Document (*.wri);

Supports All Types of Storage Media
Hetman Office Recovery supports all types of storage media including all magnetic and flash-based devices. Traditional and solid-state disks, memory cards, USB pen drives, external devices and many types of NAS and RAID arrays are supported. Hetman Office Recovery supports all versions of FAT (VFAT / FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT) and NTFS. On NTFS volumes, compressed and encrypted files as well as NTFS Alternate Data Streams are supported. Hetman Office Recovery can recover documents from RAID arrays, assuming that the RAID is assembled and fully functional.

Advanced File Recovery Engine
Hetman Office Recovery shares its data recovery engine with the company’s top of the line tool. This proven engine can reliably deal with badly damaged, corrupted and inaccessible storage devices by implementing content-aware search instead of relying solely on the file system. The company’s proven content-aware analysis uses a signature search algorithm to read the entire content of the device looking for identifiable file signatures. For example, DOC and DOCX files are identified with “D0 CF” and “50 4B” signatures respectively. This signature search helps Hetman Office Recovery locate document files stored on disks with damaged, emptied or missing file systems, and allows recovering files deleted a long time ago even if they no longer appear in the file system.

Successful Recovery Guarantee
Hetman Office Recovery performs an additional integrity check just before adding a file to the list of recoverable documents. This extra validity check helps ensure that all files added to the list are actually 100% recoverable, and can be opened with a corresponding office application with no problem.

Ease of Use
Hetman Office Recovery is made to be used by ordinary computer users. We worked hard to make Hetman Office Recovery as easy and as safe to use as possible for a high-tech data recovery tool. The tool is driven with a fully guided step by step wizard helping the user choose the correct settings and achieve the best recovery rate. The additional integrity validation step takes place just before adding a document to the list of recoverable files, ensuring that only non-corrupted and 100% working documents ever appear on the list. This check greatly reduces the time required to go through all the entries, and eliminates the possibility of recovering a non-working file.

Searching and Filtering
Have a huge number of files or just need one document from a thousand files? Hetman Office Recovery offers convenient search and filtering functions allowing you to locate any file by simply typing a part of its name, specifying its create/modify date or entering the file size. You can enter your search criteria before running the search, which may speed up the disk analysis, or search through document that’ve been already located.

What's new in version 2.0:
• May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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